The Secret of the Fish Whisperer

I came across this really interesting story, and had to share it with you:

T’was a fine crisp winter day, up north where the lakes freeze and many people come and enjoy a relaxing day of ice fishing. One elderly gentleman decided to go and spent the day with a line and a case of beer, like so many folks do.

He did what everyone else does.

Started early, got everything ready, drilled the hole, dropped the line and started swigging his drinks slowly as the day passed.

And … nary a bite.

Not one.


As he finished his last drop he realized, he hadn’t caught anything.

He was a bit disappointed.

So, he decided to relax and recuperate and then figure out how to get back home.

Then he noticed a hip youngster walk on with a boom box on his shoulder, music blaring and with all equipment in the other hand. The old man’s first thought was, “What a novice. He has no clue, does he.”

So, out of amusement, and partially happy for the upcoming entertainment, he decided to watch.

10 minutes passed.

The youngster fished out a trout.

The old man dismissed this as just plain beginners luck. No second thoughts, except … Now, let’s see how he does.

10 minutes later …

And, the young whipper snapper reeled another one in.

Now, the old man got a bit curious. He sat up straight and started observing more keenly. The youngster continued to dance to his beats while he lowered his line again.

And … as suspected, around 10 more minutes in, another fairly decent size one. He happily started packing his stuff and his catch, continuing to sway to his boom box.

The old timer couldn’t take it anymore and went up to the youngster and congratulated him. He responded with a smile and a nod.

Then he asked, “Say kid, I’ve been here all day and haven’t caught even one. How, is it you got 3 in 3 minutes. Do you mind sharing your secret?”

The kid mumbled, “Mmd dhgy do geep dem dharnm …”

The elderly chap said, “I beg your pardon?”

And, the kid repeated, “Mmd dhgy do geep dem dharnm …”

After which he noticed the old man’s really confused face.

The kid spit out whatever he had in his hands and repeated …

“You have to keep the worms warm”

Now, that’s one tip that this old timer will never forget. In 15-30 seconds, he raised the game for him forever.

One small thing which made such a huge difference.

Imagine, someone giving you similar advice on building your Data Warehouse …

One small thing, that perhaps you never thought about but which would make you a better professional forever?

A Data Warehouse whisperer of sorts for you. If there’s one place where something like that can happen it would be at Stowe in VT this year. Of course, only if you’ve already booked your tickets. At the 2014 event, we had a DV chap, who is also a mathematician present how the DV is a better model using mathematical proofs.

Yes, seriously. It happened!

Last year was also fantastic and was a marked improvement over the previous years.

This year we have many interesting presentations including one on getting a DV project approved. It’s not uncommon for presentations to blow one away. But, there are many people in the audience who have done absolutely fantastic DV work as well, and it attracts so many of them back every year to this event.

So, what’s stopping you?

If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, there’s still some available at

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I can’t wait for the stories that will be presented this year.

What about you?


Sanjay and Dan