Thinking Beyond the Model

Why is it that people think that using the Data Vault model is good enough? You won’t gain much benefit from the model without the methodology anyway. That was the secret sauce behind even successes in 1.0. However, 1.0 has … Read more

Data Vault 2.0 and Hadoop Map/Reduce

One of the features of Hadoop is the MapReduce algorithm which was popularized by Google. Basically MapReduce breaks down complex tasks into simpler chunks to be executed in parallel. It’s not new. All MPP shared nothing architectures have had something … Read more

The End Of Big Data As …

… You know it (and the beginning of “pragmatic” solutions). As 2014 is launched, we wanted to talk about one of the most hyped up topics of last year … big data and of course the hadoop project. But first, here’s to … Read more

History of the Data Vault

Today lets talk about what influenced the Data Vault Architecture … At the time Dan invented the DV (1990) the concept of 3NF DWs and Dimensional Modeling was already there. However, these only influenced the modeling aspects of the DV. … Read more