Assessment and Review

Assessment And Review Package

Ever wonder if your Data Vault project or program is on-track?   Want to know what risks your company is currently facing from an enterprise value chain perspective?

The assessment and review package is a two-week on-site process designed to answer these and many more questions about your Data Vault projects and programs.  It addresses the following components of your projects, processes, and teaming to ensure all current risks are documented.

Here's What We Review

Included in this assessment are:

  • Team Communication – business and technical teams
  • Agile and SCRUM implementation and applicability
  • Estimations versus Actual Tracking and reporting
  • Compliance and Auditability capacity
  • Enterprise Vision, Corporate Asset Goal Alignment
  • Cross-Team Resource Sharing
  • Data Vault Model Compliance
  • Data Integration Use and Automation Components
  • Managed Self-Service BI Objectives
  • Big Data and NoSQL Implementation
  • Testing, and Quality Assurance Alignment
  • Reporting and Business Requirements Efforts

We also examine tooling, automation and generation capabilities, change management processes and business user awareness.  This assessment and review covers nearly all angles of a true enterprise wide business intelligence program.  During the two week environment we interact with your teams and your business users / stakeholders, as well as management to gain an all encompassing view of your current solution.

Are there ANY Pre-Requisites?

No.  Other than an effort underway to build an enterprise vision of Business Intelligence, and of course the teams being available to present to us the first week we are on-site.

The Mechanics of How the Consulting Works

We identify the risks along with the impact of not addressing those risks.  For each risk identified we offer proposed mitigation strategies.  Following the assessment we can assist with closing the gaps as the business see’s fit – including executive training, stakeholder and business user training, and IT brown bag lunches (communication and vision sharing).

The first week is designed to interact and review teams.  Each team involved in the EDW / Enterprise BI solution will present to us what they are working on, their current roadblocks, overall feelings about the project, along with successes that the team has had along the way.  The second week are follow up meetings on an as-needed basis, followed by draft of the assessment and review with management.

The end of the second week is concluded with an executive presentation (if desired) of the results.