Harry Houdini’s Escape Secret

Have you heard of Houdini?

In the early 1900s, Harry Houdini was likely the most famous entertainer in the world. He was considered the greatest escape artist who ever lived.


Here’s what he’d do the day before his show:

To raise publicity, he would go to the prison at the city he’d be performing. Then he’d have them lock him up in a cell, and then he would escape.

Here’s how it usually went down:

– They would pat him down to make sure he had no implements.

– His wife would kiss him for good luck.

– Everybody would leave.

Within ten minutes, he’d be out of there, which was the routine.

And then here’s what happened:

A small town in Indiana had just built the most modern penitentiary in the world. They challenged Houdini because they claimed that nobody could break out of their cells.

Well, the day before one of his shows in Indianapolis, he showed up. They patted him down, no implements, his wife kissed him, and everybody left. And, this turned out differently.

But first, let’s talk about the secret you probably didn’t know.

Houdini used to be a locksmith before he was an escape artist.

When his wife kissed him, she would transfer a piece of spring steel, a little piece, from her mouth to his mouth.

He would take the spring steel and pick the lock, and he would be out of there within ten minutes.

But, not on that day.

He’d usually be out in one minute, but he couldn’t get out in

… five minutes,
… ten,
… twenty.

He was there for half an hour.

He was embarrassed.

He was sweating.

He didn’t know what was wrong.

In sheer frustration, he stood up and leaned against the door, and … it sprung open.

Get this!

On that particular day, the door was never locked. Yes, they forgot to lock it in the excitement.

Houdini turned out to be his own biggest obstacle.

He never checked, because he assumed, even though he had no shortage of knowledge and experience.

Don’t do the same thing.

Don’t assume.

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