Data Warehousing is Dead!

Yes, It’s no more!

… It has ceased to be!

… It has expired and gone to meet it’s maker!

… It’s … a … stiff!

And so on and so forth.

Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard it, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Yesterday, someone on Social Media, in their infinite wisdom, declared it so. Or at least some people claimed it to be dying.

Obviously, I was rather curious.

After all Data Vault 2.0 which very much has Data Warehousing at it’s core, is increasing in popularity and we’re getting success stories pouring in from all over the world. Some people are even coming to speak at the WWDVC because it has saved millions in project costs (Sometimes we can’t even share these as they’re not public, but the folks attending do hear directly from these speakers).

There’s still time to get tickets, but you’d better do that fast. I’ve attended MANY tech conferences and this is the ONLY one where everyone goes home happy. It’s always been worth it to everyone … the attendees, the speakers and the sponsors.

And, it’s dirt cheap. Seriously. You won’t believe the ticket price when you see it, considering it includes tons of networking, single track, balloon rides, unlimited coffee and beverages, a few lunches and a couple of vendor sponsored dinners.

Heck, if I ate what I ate last year and paid the bill, it would have cost me a fortune (I have a sweet tooth and couldn’t resist the desserts).

Where was I?

Ah, back to our big friend who is history (pun intended).

The key points pouring in from the people who agreed to the demise of the data warehouse were that; it takes too long and that tactical solutions like quickie data marts are much the rage and serve the purpose better because they’re agile.

Oh dear!

We’ve already been there before haven’t we?

Yes, they’re agile the first time, and they DO serve the purpose as long as you have something small. Start thinking about sharing future objects and the agility gets a pin to the balloon. And, as soon as you have maintenance … it actually starts the process of slowly poisoning the solution.

Contrast, this with actually having a Data Warehouse which took the best of both worlds.

That is, it’s actually a top-down architecture (from the sources)


It’s a bottom-up implementation (from the requirements)

BUT, the real secret to this is in a few key concepts including:

1. Vertical Scoping – For a full implementation cycle, and
2. Vertical Implementation – To delivery cycle in Agile fashion
3. Data Vault Model – To ensure what you add is just a net add, requiring little or no maintenance, and
4. The Data Vault Methodology
5. Separation of the engineering from the non-engineering constructs

At it’s core, this is true about both Data Vault 1.0 and DV 2.0 and I wrote about it in detail here -> Agile Data Warehousing with the Data Vault (Bookmark and read this later as it’s loooonngg).

There’s even some people saying Hadoop (a platform) will replace the Data Warehouse (a solution). Or … a data lake (a concept) will replace a Data Warehouse (a solution).

Yes, yes … these are educated and experienced folks.

Someone, even went as far as to say that MDM is the key (ha, more puns). Key mapping is extremely important across the enterprise and MDM definitely has it’s place. But, that’s a topic for another day.

By, the way, did I tell you that you get to talk to Dan (the chap who invented the Data Vault and DV 2.0 and possibly a really important case of DW automation way back when). You’ll also get to meet Bruce McCartney, who was the SME in the automation effort. Don’t miss talking to him. He was the one with Dan when they blew the competition away with their automation.

In fact, he’s giving a talk on creating and utilizing a business vault using a rules engine.

And, that’s just one of the talks. From Tamara Dull talking about Big Data, Scott Ambler talking about Agile and a whole bunch of other such as data mining in the Data Vault, Metadata, Automation etc.

There’s even one on how to get a DV project approved.

And of course the customers including Intact Financial, Micron, Yale University and more.

So, if you’re planning on attending and haven’t booked yet, then stop procrastinating and do it here.

    [ Register Here ]

Unless, you want to miss all the fun.