Data Vault 2.0 System Of Business Intelligence

While Data Vault (now DV 1.0) was revolutionary on it’s own and had been extremely successful in the field, it was essentially focused on data modelling. Data Vault 2.0 takes it to the next level as a complete System Of Business Intelligence from Soup to Nuts … and it supports NoSQL too.


Learn what changes were made to the data models to accommodate newer NoSQL and Big Data platforms, why these are a better design and how it helped companies save time, money and effort.


What’s new in the methodology? Why is it called a Complete System of Business Intelligence instead of simply a Data Warehouse Architecture? It includes important components such as Disciplined Agile Deliveries and More …


The DV 2.0 Architecture gives you guidelines for not only getting the Data to your Data Warehousing Area, but also how to deliver it to the end user in the fastest way possible, while at the same time building a long-term asset. It truly takes agile to a whole different level.