Thinking Beyond the Model

Why is it that people think that using the Data Vault model is good enough? You won’t gain much benefit from the model without the methodology anyway. That was the secret sauce behind even successes in 1.0. However, 1.0 has … Read more

Natural Farming and the Data Vault

For some reason, I have a very keen interest in farming and farm practices (even though, I’ve never really owned a farm or even worked on one). My country of birth is essentially an agri-economy and the world’s second largest … Read more

Mis-Understood End Dates

I blogged about end dates here sometime back: End Dates Are Dead  Since then, I’ve received hundreds of emails, tons of comments, and a lot of questions about why, how to work without them, and what does this do to … Read more

The Secret of the Fish Whisperer

I came across this really interesting story, and had to share it with you: T’was a fine crisp winter day, up north where the lakes freeze and many people come and enjoy a relaxing day of ice fishing. One elderly … Read more