10 Great Reasons to Attend WWDVC

To say that the WWDVC is the most fun, informative and educational Data Vault related conference on the planet and attracts some of the best technology minds from across the planet would be an understatement.

This year 2017 is no exception.

1. The audience – You! Yes, that’s the FIRST reason. The people who show up to this event are incredible. Every speaker can literally feel the brain power in the room. Incredibly intelligent audience members to network with. Doug Needham who was one of the speakers at the first WWDVC said, “I’d attend just to meet these people even if there weren’t any speakers.”

And, his presentation was all mathematics about the Data Vault model.

2. Pre-conference DV certified sessions – There are pre-conference closed room sessions for the DV enthusiasts with Dan himself, his co-author Mike, yours truly and you. This session becomes quite intense as it can end up bending the direction of DV 2.0 because nothing is taboo and experimental architectures are discussed and analyzed.

3. Pre-conference Vendor Sessions – Check out why automation vendors like the Data Vault so much, because of how it has helped catapult their own platforms forward while providing incredible value to the DV community. This year we have Analytix Data Services, Talend and Wherescape doing sessions. Make sure you bring your laptop for these sessions.

Hmmm … I’ve not even reached the sessions which starts with:

4. Tamara Dull – As a though leader in big data, she’ll be presenting her views on big data, EDW and data lakes. Definitely not one to miss from this though leader at SAS.

5. Scott Ambler – He’s coming back this year and he’ll be digging deep into Agile vs Fragile and explaining why a disciplined approach to agile deliveries is a must. His thoughts have already been taken into the methodology of Data Vault 2.0 and it has paid off very well for anyone using the architecture as prescribed.

6. Data Vault Automation – Intact Financial is returning to tell us their story on using the Data Vault for automation. This is a real customer presenting real numbers, so it won’t be recorded (as per their request). We’re thrilled to have them come back and show us how they’re doing. It’s extremely educational and another session that you just have to attend.

7. Yale Case Study – How this institution of higher education moved to the cloud. They’ll talk about their unique Information Advantage Framework.

8. Getting a DV Project Approved – Neil Strange is going to talk about how to navigate through the bureaucratic land mines and persuade the decision makers to approve a Data Vault related project. Just like many others, this is another session that is definitely worth more than the price of admission at the WWDVC.

9. John Giles – He’s back with a bang. His session last year was incredible. This time it’s even better. He’ll talk about the Data Vault and process models with a case study. If you’ve ever had a hub with multiple candidate business keys (happens too often), you don’t want to miss this.

10. Real Customer Case Studies – Yale, Micron, Intact Financial, Pepper Money and those who can’t be named (yet).

And, so far I haven’t even talked about vendors including AnalytixDS, Talend and Wherescape. There’s a reason they like the DV so much, and you can talk to them directly without any of the hype usually associated with vendor marketing. Get the real scoop on their tooling.

11. Data Mining in the Data Vault – Michael Olschimke (co-author of the best-seller Building a Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0) will talk about data mining in the Data Vault.

I guess, that’s more than 10, but I haven’t even covered some incredible sessions by Tevje Olin, Bruce McCartney and Kent Graziano … so, if you haven’t already registered for the event, what are you waiting for? Some organizations are even bringing their entire teams. It makes sense to register as a group as you can take back more information to your organizations. (Although if you do this, just make sure everyone name is properly registered with their own e-mail, so they can get a badge for entry to the event).

Here’s the link for registration -> Register Here

Warm Regards,

Sanjay Pande

PS: By the way, did you notice that Dan is not speaking this year? We’re trying to make sure you’ll get plenty of interaction with him as a part of the event.

PPS: Oh yes, there are balloon rides as well (weather permitting)