Why I hate “NoSQL” …

Today we’ll rant on the term “NoSQL” which is even more ambiguous than the term “big data” with it’s ever changing definition. By the way, I quite dislike the term big data as well which has become a big machine … Read more

Moving The Problem

I got a very good question today (and it’s a common one), so lets address it. “Isn’t moving work like cleansing and business rules downstream of the Data Warehouse (DV) just shifting the problem? We still need to fix it. … Read more

What Would Batman Do?

Yes Batman! He’s vulnerable! Batman is one of the most interesting superheroes because unlike spiderman, superman or the hulk; he as NO superpowers. Zilch … Nada … Zero! So, what keeps the guy going? A ton of money? (It helps) … Read more

The End Of Big Data As …

… You know it (and the beginning of “pragmatic” solutions). As 2014 is launched, we wanted to talk about one of the most hyped up topics of last year … big data and of course the hadoop project. But first, here’s to … Read more

Gartner Calls the “Data Lake” a Swamp!

A few days ago, an analyst at Gartner group came out with an interesting description of the “Data Lake” concept on a blog post and concluded that it was essentially a “swamp” (and other murky metaphors). So, why the hype … Read more

History of the Data Vault

Today lets talk about what influenced the Data Vault Architecture … At the time Dan invented the DV (1990) the concept of 3NF DWs and Dimensional Modeling was already there. However, these only influenced the modeling aspects of the DV. … Read more

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