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Interested in Data Vault Training directly from Dan Linstedt – the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture and Data Vault 2.0!

An Introduction to the Data Vault Architecture

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An Introduction to the Data Vault Architecture

Super Charge Your Data Warehouse

This is the reference e-book where Dan Linstedt, the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture shows you all the constructs in Data Vault 1.0 Modeling

Super Charge Your Data Warehouse

DV Implementation & Best Practices (SQL)
The world’s very first Data Vault 1.0 “Implementation” course on the market.
This is a generic course and applicable to all tools and environments

Data Vault Implementation and Best Practices

Data Vault (and DV 2.0) Templates on Informatica PowerCenter
The course contains close to 40 different loading templates for the Informatica PowerCenter data integration tool and includes Data Vault 2.0 loading templates.

Data Vault 2.0 Templates on Informatica PowerCenter